1. We offer a 4 year warranty on all our devices.
  2. When annual maintenance is applied, we offer a lifetime warranty.
  3. In order to enjoy your lifetime warranty, you are required to use our company annual maintenance after the first year of use.
  4. If the client fails to perform the annual check-up of the device after year one, the 4 year warranty, of course, still applies, however, the client cannot use the lifetime warranty anymore.
  5. The warranty on the device applies from the moment you receive the ozone generator together with the invoice or receipt and the warranty sheet.
  6. Each generator includes a warranty card and a maintenance logbook where all the maintenance history is recorded.
  7. Annual check-ups guarantee the generator maintains its original performance and will work failure-free for many years.
  8. The cost of the annual check-up depends on the model and varies from 100PLN to 400PLN. Shipping costs shall be covered by the client.
  9. The check-up of the generator includes cleaning, maintenance and final quality check identical to the quality check after it is manufactured.
  10. Ozone generators our company manufactures bear warranty seals on the housing. Any attempt to open the housing will break the seal and void the warranty.
  11. What must be remembered is that ozone generators are electrical devices and like all other they are fragile and should be handled with care in the right conditions, that is temperature from 5°C to 30°C maximum humidity of 60%.
  12. What should also be remembered is that ozone generators we manufacture are meant to be used in cars and rooms and they require power supply with adequate grounding.
  13. The generators our company manufacture are service-free and all their components are of the highest quality. Any risk of failure has been brought to absolute minimum.

In case of any questions, please contact the nearest representative of our company.