Ozone Generator 14 g/h+


Ozone generator for professional applications used in spaces up to 500 m3. It will effectively remove bacteria, viruses, fungi and allergens from homes, office spaces, conference rooms, cloakrooms and hotels.

This generator offers even more effective disinfection by connecting pipes designed to reach the most inaccessible surfaces. Additionally, each ozone generator can be equipped with a steering module to control the device using a smartphone application (iOS, Android).

Guarantee and terms of sale


Terms of sale

Test before purchase!

If you would like to check our device out before buying, you can test it first! We will gladly send you a new device. After a trial period you will have a possibility to purchase it! Call us and ask for details


Power supply voltage
230 V AC
Power consumption
160 W
Method for the production of ozone
Corona discharge
Supply gas
Air or oxygen (option)
Number of fans
2 (or other number depending on the model) x 120 mm
Efficiency of each fan
185 m3/h
500/300/150 mm
12 kg
Controlling the device using a mobile app
Reinforced sheet steel
Professional, cubature up to 500m3
No restrictions
Continuous operation time
No limits
4 years standard or lifetime
Ozone yield
14 g/h (14000 mg/h) including ozone decomposition time
The norms of directives fulfilled
73/23/EEC, 89/336EEC
Efficiency of each fan
185 m3/h
The sound emission level of the fans
only 43 dB(A)"

Ozone generators manufactured by our company have been tested for safety. Thanks to this, our products, with all responsibility, can be marked with the CE mark.

Ozone generators are products in which very high voltage is generated. By purchasing our products, you can be sure that they are safe and comply with all standards.

Please read the report from the research conducted by the Institute of Electrical Engineering of the University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz.

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