Appliance for every space

  • disinfection of rooms in hospitals, food industry plants and factory halls

  • getting rid of mites and other allergens

  • removal

  • air ozonation to eliminate fungi, bacteria, viruses

  • cleaning of air conditioning and ventilation systems in plants and vehicles

  • treatment of water intended for washing food at home, as well as that in swimming pools and water reservoirs

What makes our generators outstanding?

days of testing
years of guarantee
laboratory research
National Sanitary Inspection approved

We are pleased to inform you that our ozone generators have already been appreciated by many respected scientific institutions, such as the University of Warsaw, Polish Academy of Sciences, University of Warmia and Mazury, National Bank of Poland and many others.

Did not find a product for yourself?

We also offer generator and whole systems for individual orders. Contact us, for details of the offer.