• 2004Ozonowanie.com brand

    From the beginning of its operation, the company specializes in cleaning services.
  • 2008 Ozonowanie.com

    In 2008, we introduced ozonization services to our offer - it is at this moment that the Ozonowanie.com brand is being created.
  • 2010 Production of ozone generators

    In 2010, Ozonowanie.com became the producer of ozone generators. Thanks to this, we have unlimited access to the devices and we are able to take on any order.
  • 2012The first foreign branch

    In 2012, Ozonowanie.com opened its first foreign branch.
  • 2014Ozonowanie.com present in 10 European countries

    In 2014, Ozonowanie.com expanded its operations in Europe.
  • 2018Leader in the ozonization market

    We currently have about 250 ozone generators located in our branches in major Polish cities. The generators that we use have an ozone capacity of 6 g / h (for cars) up to 70 g / h.Our group constantly invests in new, more and more efficient devices and expands its range. Thanks to this, we can offer our clients a professional service at a low price. We currently have branches in all provincial cities and representative offices in several dozen smaller cities.