Do you struggle with getting rid of the smells of must or burning? Are you allergic and find it tiring to be in rooms full of bacteria, mites or other allergens? Or you simply want to be surrounded with clean air or learn about professional ozone generators for air-conditioning, air or water? We are pleased to introduce these amazing ozone generators to you. We use them to offer our professional disinfection services including disinfection of rooms.

A wide range of our services includes ozone-treatment of rooms, air-conditioning and cars using special-application ozone generators. We mostly treat all kinds of production facilities, food processing plants, clinics, hospitals and cars – to clean the HVAC systems.

What should be noted is that car or room disinfection or removing unpleasant smells of burning or must are not the only services our company offers. We are also a manufacturer of advanced devices used in water and air disinfection.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our head office in Bydgoszcz, Poland, or any of our local offices near you. All telephone numbers can be found in the “Contact” section. Please be assured that each of the ozone generators for cars and rooms, which will also effectively remove unpleasant smells of burning or must, is made with highest care and quality.