Who are we?

Ozonowanie.com is the undisputed market leader in the production of ozone generators.

We have implemented countless works for both individual clients and institutions. We have a lot of satisfied regular customers.

Our group constantly invests in new, more and more efficient devices and expands its range. Thanks to this, we can offer our clients a professional service at a low price. We currently have branches in all provincial cities and representative offices in several dozen smaller cities.

Our vast experience, scientific knowledge and powerful equipment allow us to meet every task.

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Our products

Professional ozone generators and industrial ozonation installations

We offer you the highest quality ozone generators for the car, water and air, as well as gas masks and concentration meters. There are many possible applications of the generators we offer for cars and rooms.

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We offer comprehensive solutions in the field of ozonation and disinfection

As part of a wide range of our company, we perform ozonation of rooms, air conditioning and car using special generators. We deliver our services mainly in all kinds of factory halls, food industry plants, doctors' surgeries, hospitals and cars - as part of the air-conditioning cleaning

What is ozone?

Ozonation is disinfection, where the disinfectant is ozone - a gas with strong oxidizing properties

Thanks to the gas form, it reaches places inaccessible to other cleaning agents. Ozonation is an excellent, modern, ecological and, at the same time, the safest method to obtain freshness, sterility and microbiological purity of the air.

Our clients